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Panorama Split

Panorama Split

220 SEK TKP 

Split Video is a video format that plays a silent looping video in one part of an ad space and displays and image in the other part. As the consumer clicks on the equalizer symbol, the video plays with audio. External link upon click on anything in the video except the video.
- 1 image in 553x240 px, in jpg or png and max 60kb*.
- 1 video in 16:9 aspect ratio, in MP4, WebM and Ogv. Max 2 mb each.
- Click links and measurements tags.
*Video will take up 427x240 px of the image. Please specify video placement in the order.
Allgemeine Informationen
  • Maximales Gewicht
    2060 kb
  • Dateiformate
  • Allmänna riktlinjer - Digitalt
  • Allmänna Villkor
  • Klickmätning GAM - HTML5
  • Alkoholannonser
  • Spelannonser
  • Läkemedelsannonser
  • HTML5-material
  • Viewability measuring
  • Responsivt HTML5-material
  • Klickmätning GAM - Third Party JavaScript