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Åsa Nyvall

Salud y fitness · Gothenburg, Sweden

On my blog - Välbefinnandebloggen - at ToppHälsa, I write about how you can increase your well-being by working with your inside and how you can, through your attitude, influence others lives in a positive direction. I share tips and advices on life in general and internal well-being in particular.

I write a lot about relationships. Tips on how to take care of the relationships around you but also what's needed to take care of the perhaps most important relationship - the one to yourself.
Besides this, I also write about mental health with the purpose of simplifying and explaining how it is to live with it. Both as affected and as a relative. I also give tips on how to handle it so you can feel as good as possible under the circumstances.

To feel good you do not only have to take care of your inside, you also need to take care of your outside. Your whole being. Take care of yourself and be responsive to what you need. I therefore write about other things that can inspire to well-being. Like exercise, lovely recipes, different adventures as well as incidents in my own life.

My wish is to be able to contribute with different ways of looking at things. Balancing and giving tips on how to think and act to feel a bit better. To offer a smörgåsbord with practical tips or inspiration where you choose what you belive and want to try.

I am educated conversational coach and couple and relations coach. I work according to the psychosynthesis model, which is an opportunity-oriented approach focusing on the potential of each person. Identifying causes of different behaviors and fears that may be hindered, then finding ways to move forward in life in a positive direction. With increased self-awareness, better self-esteem and increased self-confidence, it becomes easier to grasp the things you need to grab to create the change you want.

I am also a teacher in Yinyoga and I regularly hold classes in both yoga and meditation. Within these areas, I have a lot of lectures and workshops. I attend various events where I am pleased to contribute. Everything from talking about our love language, how we are perceived through our body language, how to simplify our everyday lives and create more time for what you like to do, to be successful in setting goals and reaching them. The subjects are varied but in the bottom there is always a purpose - to feel good on the inside. By creating a life one likes and by having healthy relationships both to yourself and your environment.