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Homemade By Cecilia

Postres y panadería · Stockholm, Sweden

Here on the blog, I share with you my interest in baking and desserts, but there will also be some food and raw food. I love to bake and it makes me so ridiculously happy to see a pastry emerge!
To decorate and make the final finishing is my favorite and of course also tasting!

On weekdays, I work as a layout manager at Damernas Värld and believe that creativity in my work also mirrors in my interest to create pastries. Look in the magazine for my baking story that show up periodically.

I live in Stockholm on Rådmansö with my partner Mattias Larsson, chef and food inspirer. Being a chef and a dessert lover in the same house leads to very muh food talking, cooking and food nerdery that you will be able to take part of.
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