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Technical Information

Technical information
Attachment format: 271 x 392 mm
Type area full page: 248 x 372 mm
Type area spread, bleeding towards the center: 519 x 372 mm (248 + 23 + 248 = 519 mm wide x 372 mm high)
Grid: 100 lines / inch
Resolution on images: 200 dpi
Point magnification: approx. 26%
Maximum total color: 240%
Printing process: Roller set

The images should be 200 dpi and converted to CMYK with ICC profile: ISOnewspaper26v4.icc
All fonts must be included in the PDF. Black text should be only black (K), not cyan (C), magenta (M) or yellow (Y). Negative (white) text on color plate should be at least 12 pt, sans serif and bold due to the risk of misspace and point magnification.
Color mode
All colors should be CMYK. Pantone decor or RGB color may not occur. Black and white saved as grayscale.
File Format
PDF files version 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 with embedded images and fonts. Each individual page is saved and delivered as a separate PDF file. OPI comments may not occur.
PDF profiles
Use Distillers and Indesign's TU profiles (www.dagspress.se) to create printable PDF files.
Test pages
If it is the first time you ship material to us, test pages will be sent to Dagens Industri for technical review no later than five days before material day.
PDF control
The following things are important to check:
- Does the ad contain all the items needed?
- Is CMYK or Grayscale only used?
- Do the pictures have the correct resolution?
- Can the ad print? To check this, some kind of quality assurance tools are required.
We suggest:
- Callas
- Pitstop
- Acrobat Professional
Read more at www.dagspress.se
Materials not delivered according to the above and according to TU's recommendations and therefore must be further processed and is charged per starting working hour.
High-resolution, printable PDF files are delivered via FTP: ftp3.boldprinting.se
user: From_DI_Kund
pass: wAs37Ap8
Rename the files to the attachment name, publication date and page number (01, 02, 03, etc.).
NOTE! Upload files directly to FTP, not in folders.
Material deadline
Three working days before publication day.
Content review
At least five days before material day, a low resolution version of the entire attachment will be sent to Di for content approval:

To order an extra edition, please contact Dagens Industri for pricing and terms no later than three weeks before the date of issue.